Neoi NIMICS - The total Communication Solution for Individuals, Corporate Entities, Governments, Banks - just anybody that wants SECURE and reliable Communications between Mobile Devices - Offices - Homes.

Phone Calls - Free Global IP Calls - Call Back least cost routing - Voice Calls - Video Conference - Messaging  via WiFi, GSM , Edge , GPRS, HSDPA, 3G 

over 200 FREE TV Channels exclusive for Nimics Subscribers and more ...

Introduction package: Buy a Neoi Android Smart Phone, receive 1 residential / small Office Gateway Phone ( make your Land Line Portable), 2 Mobile Phone Numbers, 2 residential Phone number registration at 80% discounted cost of USD. 99.00 (usual cost USD. 495.00) !


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Neoi TV for Android devices - Demo here.... Download the Full APK from Google Play Market Keyword:"Bowitz"

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