NIMICS Cloud - secured encrypted Document and file access from mobile devices


Special Offer for Neoi Android Phone owners - 50GB unrestricted storage space - on a Secured NIMICS Cloud Server (SNCS50). Requires a valid Mobile Phone Number with country code as unique Cloud Access User Name, Full Name and Address , eMail address for registration.
 Free Registration for Neoi Customers with a registered Neoi Mobile Phone or MID ( otherwise EUR 10.- Registration Charge ) monthly fee for 50GB  EUR 5.00 minimum contract 1 Year ! Minimum requirement for using this Service is an Android Mobile Phone or Tablet Android 2.2 and higher.

 Register for NIMICS Cloud Service

EUR 60.- for Neoi Customers

EUR 70.- for None Neoi Subscriber


Other NIMICS Services

Make Free VoIP calls
If your friends are on Neoi-NIMICS VoIP service, call or IM with them for free. Sign up and download for free VoIP client. Sign up today!
Note: New Sign up process
currently in implementation!
Call Any Phone for Less - with Call Back
Pay-as-you-go using Neoi-NIMICS – lowest international Call Back rates to anywhere in the world. Use Internet - broadband, WiFi or 3G and start saving.
FREE calls worldwide between Nimics enabled devices!
Unlimited FREE VoIP Calls
Get the best deal with unlimited VoIP calls to fixed/mobile phones by signing up for a Neoi-NIMICS subscription/monthly plan today.
Use your own Nimics network
Companies save 1000's $$
 NIMICS is not just another Calling System - NIMICS is a Virtual Operator licensed in many Countries
NIMICS is Not just VoIP, but a lot more....
NIMICSCRYPT - the worlds FIRST and ONLY 100% secure Voice Encryption only on NEOI-Android World Phones.    Phone hacking Scandal? Afraid of being bugged? With NIMICSCRYPT a matter of the past FOR EVER! contact us for details!
Cross-Platform Instant Messaging
IM with friends on Neoi-NIMICS, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger and other XMPP compliant messaging services, free!
SMS Globally
Send SMS to mobile phones anywhere in the world - low rates anytime.
On-demand Streaming Music and over 150 television Channels
Listen to music and devotional songs on-the-go. Choose from a wide range of categories. There is a song for everyone!


Neoi 697 - the latest Android 4.0++, 4:3 Ratio IPS, 9.7 Inch Super Soft Display - SLIM Design only 9.5 mm thick. Neoi Power Management for 10 hours movie watching without charging!



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