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Communication System - the Neoi Android Operation System

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NeoINimics TV

  • Office or Home - Free Calls around the World  from and to your NeoI NIMICS Phone
  • LIVE IP TV over 126 Channels News - Sport - Movies and more
  • Live Video Streaming from Your NIMICS Phone Camera
  • Free Video Calls between NIMICS devices and NIMICS Home - Office Phones
  • Driving getting Messages? With NIMICS no problem - built in Voice Reader - reads Your NIMICS messages and SMS
  • GLOBAL  GPS and MAPS built in - Free Global Tracking - Track your car and valuables - NIMICS Protection and Security
  • NIMICS - One Number does it all - Your Mobile Phone Number for ALL Services*

* Some Services may need a monthly subscription



NeoINimics Global Communication System      NeoINimics IP TV

For over 30 years now (2010) - the founding BEI Group Germany (then) and the NEOI Global Group (now) has been the world's leading ODM / OEM design and manufacturing house for special special communication devices. Its Micro Technology developments are well recognized by hundreds of customers world wide.

German Design and Engineering sets Worldwide Trends and sets an Example Worldwide as far as the most exquisite Designs. No matter if it is Design is in the Telecommunications or Industrial Sectors, Germans dominate the World Market by offering extreme High Expertise and overwhelming Knowledge and superior Quality. 909 " Fon Fashion " is " Made in Germany ", be Part of the Neoi Form, Color and Technology Process.


                   Special Government Versions with Encryption and other High Security features available from our custom design department !

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